Python-powered chat apps with Twilio and SendGrid Transcripts
Chapter: Messaging and workflows with Twilio Studio
Lecture: Gather personal info (name, email, etc)

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0:00 So we're almost done. We've got the price through our API.
0:03 We've confirmed it. They said yes,
0:05 we do want this. Well,
0:06 we asked them the question over here.
0:08 We confirm it with our split based on,
0:10 and I've gone ahead and just added the final couple of steps, we need to ask
0:15 them for their Name. We need to ask them for their Email,
0:18 and then we're ready to send that off to our python application to begin the whole
0:22 process of placing the order, sending their receipts and so on.
0:26 So I've simply asked the question.
0:29 Send and wait for Reply. Excellent.
0:31 To place the order, we're gonna need a lot info.
0:33 What's your name? And then make a little personal like,
0:36 Nice to meet you, Michael.
0:37 Now tell me you're Email address.
0:40 And then finally we thank them.
0:41 Your order has been placed. Not really.
0:44 See you soon and it will be under your name and your Email.
0:47 The reason it says not really,
0:48 is that functionality is not in place yet.
0:50 And that's going to be written in python over on our Dev machine.
0:55 Not appear in the cloud, at least not within twilio studio.
0:58 So let's do a final test to make sure this is working.
1:01 And then we'll be ready to start writing some python code to interact with these endpoints
1:06 back here in WhatsApp. Say,
1:08 yo!, Greetings Greetings. How about a small cake?
1:11 Because you probably have a belly ache from all that rainbow cake.
1:15 I do. That's why I'm going for vanilla.
1:18 I'm gonna get some cream cheese on there.
1:20 And how about it's hard to turn down some good Sprinkles,
1:24 so we'll get a small vanilla cream cheese cake with Sprinkles on top.
1:28 Do some pricing. How much that cost?
1:29 Let's find out cool. That's 14 coins.
1:31 A pretty inexpensive cake, it seems.
1:34 Do we want to place it?
1:35 Yeah, sure. We'll place it excellent to place your order.
1:40 We need a little info from you first.
1:41 How about your name? My name is Michael.
1:44 Great. Nice to meet you,
1:46 Michael. Cool. Little personal touch,
1:48 huh? How about that Email address?
1:50 Michael at
1:53 So far, it doesn't matter.
1:54 We can just put arbitrary stuff in here,
1:56 but eventually, when we start communicating back over email,
1:59 you want to have a real email address here?
2:02 Awesome. Your order has been placed?
2:04 Not really. See you soon it will be under Michael with email.
2:11 Pretty awesome, huh? We've got our entire workflow.
2:14 And we spent a lot of time and energy over in twilio studio,
2:18 which was great. We were able to build this nice interaction,
2:22 but you'll see from here on out,
2:23 we're going to be just handing a couple of things off to the python side of
2:27 things that would be writing a lot of python code and doing most of the remaining
2:30 work processing, the order notifying of the order complete and so on in python code
2:35 it'll just require a little bit of integration between Twilio studio and our web app