Python-powered chat apps with Twilio and SendGrid Transcripts
Chapter: Messaging and workflows with Twilio Studio
Lecture: Confirm the price of the cake

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0:00 We don't know the price. And we've told them what is going to cost.
0:03 But what we really need to do is ask.
0:05 Here's how much it's gonna cost.
0:06 Are you ready to pay for that?
0:08 But let me just nab this.
0:10 Copy this message body. So I'm to type it again and get rid of that
0:14 and want to come over here instead of doing a send.
0:16 We're gonna do like we have been a send and wait for replies also be confirmed
0:21 price. And the message is going to be this.
0:24 Do you want you place that order, over here?
0:32 If they say no, we're gonna need to do a test first.
0:36 So let's get our split. We're going to test if they said yes,
0:44 basically, in some way or another.
0:47 If not, then we're going to send him a message like Sorry,
0:49 I guess you're not looking for any cake.
0:57 But if they do confirm yes,
0:59 they want it, then we're going to send a message like,
1:02 and that's just gonna be a little placeholder while we're working on this.
1:05 So let's say CheckConfirm And what is our variable?
1:11 It's going to be ConfirmedPrice.inbound.body
1:16 And if no,
1:21 there's no match, We're gonna say sorry.
1:23 I guess you don't want cake.
1:24 But if there is, and I have to determine if there's a match, So what
1:29 could they type? They might type.
1:30 Yes, but they might just have y type?
1:34 y they might type. Yeah,
1:36 they might type, please. They might type.
1:39 Definitely. You can just go through the various things you would be willing to accept
1:44 here, right? We could also loop around and make them say yes or no
1:48 But I'm just going to keep it.
1:50 Keep it simple like this. But if it matches this one,
1:55 we're gonna go along here and say,
1:57 Great. Um, we'll need some info from you to keep going.
2:02 This one will just say no cake.
2:13 Sorry. You're not having cake with us today.
2:14 Something along those lines. All right,
2:17 publish it. I think we are about ready.
2:20 So when I come through and make sure that they say yes.
2:22 Yeah, Y, please.
2:25 Definitely something like that. Which case?
2:28 Down the path they go. Please tell me your name,
2:30 your email and so on. More cake.
2:35 Feel in rainbow again. How about you guys,
2:37 but small. You have to do this a lot of times.
2:40 Rainbow don't need to test our error handling.
2:43 Won't try to not try to not trigger it.
2:46 All right, let's have Sprinkles on our rainbow maple cake or pricing it at the
2:53 API should have an answer and get a response back.
3:00 Oh no, our order stopped.
3:02 Actually, there's a really small mistake.
3:04 Let's go fix it when we price our cake.
3:06 We forgot to make that little connection right there.
3:09 So when it got to this part,
3:10 it priced it and then exited.
3:12 Let's try one more time and we're back.
3:18 Let's get a small, rainbow chocolate Oh,
3:23 chocolate. Hey! And I think I'll go for Sprinkles again.
3:29 Those sound fun. Perfect. That will cost us 18.5 gold coins.
3:35 Would you like to place that order?
3:36 Remember, we could type Y,we could type.
3:38 Yeah, we could type. Definitely.
3:41 We don't We type something wrong or something that is not confirmation is going to say
3:46 sorry, you're not having cake with us,
3:48 but let's go ahead and with try.
3:49 Yeah, great. We'll need some info.
3:53 That's actually the end of the workflow,
3:55 but this is where we can go and ask questions like All right,
3:57 tell me your email address. Tell me your name and so on.
4:01 Cool. So it looks like we've got our pricing and our price confirmation integrated.