Python-powered chat apps with Twilio and SendGrid Transcripts
Chapter: Messaging and workflows with Twilio Studio
Lecture: App walkthrough

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0:00 Now, before we dive in to start working with Twilio studio and building our messaging
0:05 workflow, let's take a pass as a user through the entire experience. So you get a sense of what we're going to build.
0:13 It's gonna take us a while to get there, but you'll see where we're going by having seen this.
0:18 Okay, we're going to build a Flask based Python Web application. We're also going to build a chat interaction where people can use WhatsApp to order a
0:28 cake at the Cloud City Cake company. So they could either just remember our number, find it somewhere and click it on WhatsApp.
0:34 Or they could actually just click this link right here, which will open WhatsApp and start the conversation over here,
0:40 It loads up our sandbox test number because we haven't pushed this to production yet. So it's a twilio number, not the primary one.
0:47 We'll do that when we finish this. If we were going to actually put it in production, we'd have our own business account here.
0:53 So we'll say something like, Hi, I need cake. That's great. Welcome to the Cloud City Cake Company and it knows what type of cakes that it
1:00 can work with. So in the Twilio studio, it knows, if I get a message, the first thing I want to say to them is, Welcome. What size of cake?
1:08 Well, we'll say small because we don't want to go overboard here. We're going to order a lot of cake during this,
1:13 Of course. Now the twilio studio went out to our website actually, and got the available cakes from our menu and said,
1:22 These are the cakes were currently offering? What kind of flavor would you want? Well, let's say we want to carrot cake, with some lemon frosting.
1:32 Maybe Sprinkle it with bacon. A little outrageous there. Now it goes to another API that says,
1:38 given a small carrot cake with lemon frosting and making toppings, How much is that going to cost?
1:44 And it offers that says, Do you really want to do this Yes or no So sure we'll do that. We could say y or yes or whatever.
1:50 Now it's going to collect our personal information so that it can store that in the
1:54 order information over in our Flask Web application that you just saw. So, I'll enter some info here. My name, my email. Fantastic.
2:09 So, when I enter that information, what happened? Is twilio studio actually called over to our Flask application our Flask application
2:17 said, Can we process this order? Yes, we can. It sent us an email through Send Grid,
2:21 and it actually generated a order invoice as a PdF and attached it to that. So let's go check our email and look what we have in our email over at
2:31 That's what I said. My email was We got a cloud City cakes receipt and
2:37 a nice template here. It says our order is being processed. It summarizes exactly what we ordered.
2:42 A small carrot cake, bacon with lemon frosting and bacon topping. It costs 19 gold coins. Fantastic says thank you.
2:51 It has a little extra information at the end, and it has this invoice. Do we have a proper PDF invoice that says,
2:58 you know you were placed an order with Cloud City Cake company at 123 Main Street Tech Town USA. Here's our invoice number.
3:06 The number of gold coins we paid in a little bit of summary information about what
3:10 we've ordered. Check that out, So this is what we got working with our WhatsApp messages over here. We talked to the twilio studio.
3:19 It's sent that back through an API to our Flask application, our Flask application
3:25 generated this email and this invoice and send it our way, over in the admin section Let's see if we have a new order.
3:32 We do, here we have an open order. You can see that some have been fulfilled, but there's one that's open. So let's do all the work.
3:41 Bake the cake put in the oven and it's time to let our user Michael Kennedy here know that their order is finished and they should come pick it up.
3:49 They started this conversation on WhatsApp, so we're going to send an outbound message to WhatsApp to their account.
3:55 So we press fulfill and if we watch up here in the top right in just a moment, we should see a notification your cakes order status is ready for pickup
4:04 and there it is. We've gone to the website or otherwise figured out a number to place the order. We sent a text message through WhatsApp.
4:13 We had this whole exchange, some of it worked managed by Twilio studio and some
4:18 of it actually interacting with different parts of our application or API. We have placed an order. We got a receipt.
4:24 Eventually, our bakers notice that they bake the cake and let us know through WhatsApp that the order is ready for pickup.
4:32 This is a fantastic application and we're going to build that out throughout this entire course it's gonna to be so much fun to build,
4:39 and I think you're going to learn a lot.

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