Python-powered chat apps with Twilio and SendGrid Transcripts
Chapter: Setup and following along
Lecture: Git the code!

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0:00 And last, but certainly not least make sure that you get the code to come
0:04 with this project. If you want to see exactly what I typed.
0:07 If you want to jump into the middle of a project.
0:10 And honestly, there's a couple of steps throughout this course where I say here's a
0:14 really boring page that we're going to right?
0:15 And let's put a much more stylized version with some fancy CSS and images.
0:20 Let's just drop that in here.
0:22 You don't need to see me work on HTML for half an hour,
0:25 just so we have something slightly better to look at.
0:27 All of those things are going to be over here and GitHub as well as
0:30 some of the twilio studio definition files and whatnot.
0:34 So make sure you go over here star and fork this GitHub repo, so that you'll
0:38 be able to follow along exactly during this course.
0:42 That's it. Your computer should be all set up.
0:44 If you've got an editor, you got Python 3.6 or above, got some database tools
0:49 and you got the source code. Now its time to learn about twilio and python.