Python-powered Chat Apps with Twilio and SendGrid Transcripts
Chapter: Setup and following along
Lecture: Database visualization tools

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0:00 We're going to be working with a relational database to soar all the interactions that we
0:05 have from twilio back over to our flask application, in order to make the most of
0:11 that, understand what's happening. We really need a decent database visualization tool. If you have PyCharm and it's the Pro edition,
0:18 it comes with some really fantastic data exploration, query and visualization tools, like we have right here, so you can go and open your
0:25 database, go to the table. See the columns, were either even pull up these diagrams. I give you the option to not use PyCharm Pro,
0:33 which is paid not super expensive. You can pay like $8 a month. And if your student if you work at university, if you have an open source project,
0:41 they'll give you a free copy and sort of follow the pricing page for that. Nonetheless, if you don't have PyCharm pro,
0:47 you won't have this view. So what do you do? We're going to be using a different tool in that situation. We're going to be using Beekeeper Studio,
0:54 so if you don't have the PyCharms tools built in, just go and get Beekeeper Studio at
1:01 It's a really nice database exploration tool, lets you see the tables, see their column definitions, go into queries and edits and whatnot.
1:09 So this is really nice option for working with the databases that we're going to be creating during this course. If you don't have PyCharm pro,
1:15 if you already got that, you can just use that as well.

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