Python-powered chat apps with Twilio and SendGrid Transcripts
Chapter: Setup and following along
Lecture: A Python code editor

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0:00 As I mentioned at the opening,
0:01 we're gonna be writing a lot of python code,
0:03 and you need to have an editor that works very well with Python.
0:07 To do that efficiently and accurately. We're going to be using PyCharm PyCharm is
0:12 a fantastic tool both for beginners and for experts in Python.
0:16 It comes with a free community edition that you can use or there's the paid professional
0:21 edition. You can find out more about it here at
0:24 If you do decide to install it,
0:27 I recommend that you use their toolbox app, those little things that runs either in your
0:31 task-bar or your menu-bar,
0:33 and it will let you pick which versions you like.
0:36 It'll tell you if there's updates,
0:37 it will automatically updated all sorts of good stuff like that.
0:40 So, just the management of it is a little bit easier.
0:42 It will also allow you to install command line options like pycharm charm as a
0:47 command line option to launch files right from the terminal.
0:51 If for some reason you don't want to use PyCharm,
0:53 the other really good option out there right now,
0:55 is visual studio code, so you can get visual studio code.
0:58 Just go over to
1:01 This is also a cross platform.
1:03 This one is 100% free. Works pretty well.
1:06 Honestly, I prefer PyCharm just a little bit these days.
1:08 But, you know, this is a really solid second,
1:11 I would say, and many people,
1:12 this is their primary editor, that they just love.
1:15 You can get this if you'd rather not use PyCharm.
1:17 If you do get it, make sure that you install the python extension for
1:22 visual studio code. Otherwise, it's not gonna work very well for you,
1:25 so make sure you install this, if you want to know how to find it,
1:27 you go click on this little box there in the editor, it should be near the
1:31 top. But you can just search for python.
1:33 Once you install it. You'll have all sorts of cool python features that make working with python code and environments much easier.