Python-powered chat apps with Twilio and SendGrid Transcripts
Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: Course introduction

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0:02 Hello and welcome to Python powered chat apps with Twilio and sendgrid. I'm Michael Kennedy and I'll be your instructor and guide on this journey.
0:12 We're going to build an amazing Python Web application that integrates with Twilio services, such as WhatsApp and SendGrid. But you might be wondering,
0:22 Why am I in a bakery? I want you to imagine that you're a solo developer at a tech friendly bakery, Cloud
0:29 City cake company and the owners of this bakery have asked you to imagine how you
0:34 might lower the friction of ordering a cake and making sure that we don't make mistakes You know, taking the order of the phone.
0:41 Somebody mispronounces something or we miss here it and then their cake is all messed up They won't be happy. So what they've asked us to do is to use
0:48 some sort of chat applications like WhatsApp that will allow people to come to our website see what we have to offer,
0:55 say, Hey, I'm interested in ordering a cake and start a conversation through chat This chat application should be able to reach back.
1:02 Go find our menu, see what our specials are. See how much our current cake price for different types of combinations.
1:10 All those kinds of things. And even we need to gather up all their information
1:13 like their name and their email address, for them to order the cake so we can send them, say a receipt.
1:20 So they're going to have this entire conversation over at Twilio with periodic integration back into
1:26 our flask application. And when they do confirm that they want to order this cake we're going to receive some kind of notification in our site.
1:33 And we have an admin backend for our bakers to see. Oh, and new orders come in over
1:37 WhatsApp, we better get baken once they bake it and the cake is ready,
1:41 they're going to be able to send a message back to our customer right through that same mechanism, right through WhatsApp and say,
1:47 Ding, your cake is ready. Please come pick it up. We're going to build a real comprehensive Python application that
1:53 you can take and adapt whatever it is you need to build. I think you're really going to enjoy this deep dive into Python. So, Lets get started.

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