Python Memory Management and Tips Transcripts
Chapter: Course conclusion and review
Lecture: Take the red pill (AKA pointers)

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0:00 We started our conversation talking about the simulation that you're living in. This beautiful,
0:06 clean world that is making everything easy for you.
0:10 And we said, Look, if you really want to know how Python works and
0:13 how Python Memory Management works, you've got to look beyond this beautiful and handy facade
0:20 that Python has put up for us.
0:21 We gotta take the red pill in Matrix nomenclature.
0:25 So we took the red pill and we saw that even simple things like numbers, like
0:28 42, in Python are really PyObject pointers, specifically PyLongObject pointers,
0:36 and there's a whole bunch of stuff happening behind the scenes,
0:40 even though there's this clean, simple programming language on top of it,
0:44 that understand the mechanics of how it all works,
0:47 like for the fact that numbers are pointers and allocated on the heap and managed by
0:51 reference counting, we've got to look inside the CPython source code,
0:55 which we did, and I gave you a bunch of short little links like,
0:58 for example "", where you can jump over
1:02 and see the entire file of source code, here.