Python Memory Management and Tips Transcripts
Chapter: Efficient data structures
Lecture: Container sizes, Pandas

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0:00 Alright, we tried them as arrays. That was pretty cool. How about as Pandas DataFrames? That's a super useful type that we might want to use.
0:11 So let's go ahead and try to create some series here. So I'll have a "names_series" what
0:17 we're gonna do is create two series and they want to create the dataframe out of those two series. I would like to say,
0:23 "pd", but we don't have it installed yet, so I'm gonna go on add Pandas, and we're also gonna use NumPy so I'm gonna
0:29 Just write them all in here, and then I just go ahead and let you see it.
0:43 Watch it install. Okay, so we're gonna install these things because in order to work with them, they've got to be installed.
0:48 We haven't needed them yet, but here they go. We come up here and say, "Import pandas as pd". So we'll create a series,
1:05 we'll give it names, the data type is going to be string, and then we'll have "ages_series", which comes from ages,
1:16 and it's gonna be a "int8". Then let's go create our DataFrame from that "pd.concat([names_series, ages_series]
1:25 axis=1)". And let's just first try to print "df.head()", see what we get there. Alright, It looks like we've loaded them up correctly and it works.
1:42 So Pandas is awesome. We could do all sorts of advanced stuff. How awesome is it in memory,
1:47 though? Let's find out. Let's just grab this, say DataFrame, and let's just do it in "size_util. get_full_size(df)". run it again.
2:01 How awesome is this gonna be? ooooh, it's less awesome. We have arrays and we have a big DataFrame. The DataFrame is even bigger than the classes.
2:12 Not super surprising. It's storing indexes and other kinds of things around it. So it's super powerful, but it is not super efficient.
2:20 And this honestly surprised me just a tiny bit. I thought, you know, it's gonna store numbers crazy efficiently and things like that.
2:26 But, yeah, not so much.

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