Python Memory Management and Tips Transcripts
Chapter: Efficient data structures
Lecture: Cycle busting part 1

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0:00 Alright, let's go and change this program just a little bit to work with our version that doesn't have cycles.
0:08 I'm gonna have this "app_no_cycles", and let's even print it out. So we can see here, print "version with no cycles" this is the one that has
0:20 data structures that use cycles. Okay, so what we're gonna do is we're gonna make a tiny difference here. Let's add one more person, a person
0:26 3, Zoe, and it'll still ask "do you want to have these people like this?" And we can go, we're gonna change this right here,
0:38 "TODO: improve this with new data structures". Let's go ahead and just ask whether people are friends. And then down here,
1:02 We'll just say "yes" like this, "Yes if p1 in p2.friends" for the moment. Again, we're going to be changing this. "else, no". like this. Alright,
1:18 other than that, that's the same. And we can also ask this for "is p1 a friend of p3" just so that we have, you know,
1:26 sort of both cases covered. Alright, let's run this thing and see how it's doing. Alright. Create cycles? Yes. Is Michael a friend of Sarah?
1:35 Yes. Is Michael Friend Zoe? No. Program closing. Ah, cycles found. Okay, that's a problem. Let's just run it one more time with no cycles.
1:43 No. No friends. We didn't create the friend relationships and no cycles and so on. We're also not zeroing out
1:50 Zoe, so I guess we could go ahead and do that here as well, that way you'll see them all go together. Okay, Super. Now we've got the stage set.
2:01 How are we gonna change this? How are we going to store them so they don't create these references back to each other and create these cycles and all
2:08 the problems that can come from there? Well, we're gonna use a different data structure rather than storing them on the classes
2:14 themselves, like we had indicated right there.

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