Python Memory Management and Tips Transcripts
Chapter: Efficient data structures
Lecture: What we arent covering

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0:00 There are gonna be a couple of glaring omissions of what we're covering during this chapter.
0:06 We're not going to talk about functions and we're not gonna talk about classes.
0:10 Not really. Obviously we're gonna use some functions and we'll probably have some classes. In fact, I'm certain that we will.
0:16 But we're not going to focus on some of the techniques that we can apply directly to them to get huge, huge gains.
0:22 In fact, it's because they're so important that we're going to have a dedicated chapter
0:26 on optimizing functions and a dedicated chapter on optimizing classes. So I want to just set the expectation that we're not gonna deal with things that
0:35 maybe address how functions use memory or how classes can be restructured to use memory better in the Python language features.
0:43 We will talk about using classes, but not the language features to make it better yet because those were really important
0:49 and they're coming up soon, but we have some foundational stuff to cover first.

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