Python Memory Management and Tips Transcripts
Chapter: Allocating memory in Python
Lecture: Allocation introduction

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0:00 When you think about Python memory management,
0:02 you're very likely thinking about reference counting, garbage collection,
0:06 how things get cleaned up. But memory doesn't start there.
0:10 It starts by getting allocated, and it turns out that Python has a whole bunch
0:15 of techniques and patterns and ideas around
0:19 making allocation fast, efficient, doing things
0:23 so there's not memory fragmentation, all of those kinds of things.
0:28 Allocation in Python is actually way more interesting than you would think.
0:33 So we're going to spend some time talking about the core algorithm,
0:36 using pools and blocks and arenas,
0:40 which maybe you've never heard of,
0:41 but all of these things are really important in working with objects to prevent memory fragmentation
0:47 and prevent them from blowing up in terms of taking too much memory and so on.
0:51 So this will be really a fun and important prerequisite before we get to what most
0:56 people think when they think of python memory, and that's the
0:58 cleaning up side of all that.