Python Memory Management and Tips Transcripts
Chapter: Python variables and memory
Lecture: CPython source book

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0:00 If you're a fan of this red pill type of thinking,
0:02 you should definitely check out Anthony Shaw's CPython internals.
0:06 I've had him on the podcast a couple times to talk about it,
0:09 and he's finally written it up as a book.
0:12 So this, like 350 pages talking about all the CPython source code,
0:16 how you can figure out, you know navigate where in the whole structure,
0:20 different things are, like where the object headers vs the objects themselves and digging into
0:26 a whole bunch of interesting things the parsers and whatnot.
0:30 So if you want to dive into not just the memory side of C Python,
0:34 which is what we're gonna still spend a lot of time on,
0:37 if you want to look at the whole thing,
0:38 the parsers, the execution and everything, you know,
0:41 check out Anthony's book. It's definitely good, recommend it.