Python Memory Management and Tips Transcripts
Chapter: Setup and tools
Lecture: Git the source

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0:00 You want to get the materials, the source code and whatnot data files for this course. You could pretty much type them in as you go,
0:08 but if you want to play with it and tweak it, there's a lot of little ideas where you just make a small change and you see
0:13 what happens in terms of the memory usage or the performance or whatever, so I definitely recommend that you get the source material,
0:19 so go over here to If you're a friend of Git and you like to work with it,
0:29 just go clone this repo. If you don't really know about Git and your uncomfortable doing it, you don't have to clone it.
0:35 Officially, you can just click the green button where it says "code" and download It as a zip file and roll with that, right?
0:40 There's no major changes or whatever we expect other than bug fixes along the way. Make sure you get the source code and take it with you.
0:48 In fact, I recommend you fork and star it, just so you have it for sure. Alright, that's it.
0:53 Go through these steps. You should be all set up and ready to take this course. I'm excited to dive into Python memory management with you.

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