Python Memory Management and Tips Transcripts
Chapter: Setup and tools
Lecture: Our code editor

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0:00 If you want to follow along exactly what I'm doing,
0:02 I'm going to be using PyCharm so you should use PyCharm too.
0:06 It's a fantastic tool for writing python code and exploring it.
0:10 However, if you don't want to,
0:11 you can use other editors as well.
0:13 That's fine. So, if you're going to use PyCharm,
0:16 I recommend you just get the latest version and use that. They offer
0:20 two versions. They offer the PyCharm Community Edition and The PyCharm Pro Edition.
0:24 For what we're doing this course the community addition, the free open source edition is totally
0:29 fine. There's one step where I say
0:31 "let's see the CPU profile graph in PyCharm"
0:35 and we spend about one minute on that.
0:37 That requires the Pro Edition, which you can just look at the picture,
0:40 you don't have to be able to run it yourself.
0:42 Other than that, you're gonna be able to do everything with the free, open source
0:47 Pycharm Community Edition. So, there's no real reason to not use it other than
0:51 you just want to use another editor.
0:52 I think this is a great one and you'll see me using it throughout the course.
0:57 The best way to get PyCharm is to go to the JetBrains toolbox and get
1:02 that installed and then use that to install either PyCharm Pro or PyCharm Community
1:07 or both, and this will keep it up to date and let you know
1:09 when there's new versions and let you roll back to different versions. It's a much nicer
1:14 way to work with PyCharm and the JetBrains applications rather than just installing it
1:19 directly. If you don't want to use PyCharm, which is fine,
1:23 I recommend that you use Visual Studio Code.
1:26 That's the other really good editor these days.
1:29 Those two have, like 85%, 90% of the market share at this point.
1:34 From what I can tell the recent surveys and so on,
1:37 this is a great one. Just be sure that you install the Python extension or
1:42 it's not going to do much for you.
1:43 And you get that by clicking on this little button here and then the Python extension
1:47 is the most popular one. Looks like it's been downloaded 55 million times when I
1:53 took this screenshot, and I know it's much higher than that right now.
1:56 So, two editor options, PyCharm, Visual Studio Code,
2:01 PyCharm community free version will totally work for this course.