Python Memory Management and Tips Transcripts
Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: Student expectations

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0:00 What are the prerequisites to take this course as a student, what do you need to know? Honestly, the requirements are really,
0:07 really simple. You just need to be familiar with the Python programming language. We obviously don't start from scratch.
0:13 We're digging into the internals of CPython. We're talking about the trade-offs of different data structures that you should already know from Python.
0:20 So, you should be familiar with dictionaries, lists, the ability to create classes, functions, and then the core stuff like list comprehension
0:29 and loops and whatnot. If those things are all in place for you, then you're absolutely ready to take this course.
0:35 If not, check out our Python for the absolute beginner course as a great foundation, and then you'll be ready to jump in here.

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