Python Memory Management and Tips Transcripts
Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: Why care about memory?

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0:00 So why should you care about memory management in Python, anyway? Isn't it just gonna work the way it's gonna work, and we just have to live with it?
0:07 Well, you'll see there's actually a ton that we can do to work with it or even change how it works. Here's a simple little program.
0:14 It's running Python running one of our applications, and it was fine, but then a little bit later, it wasn't fine. Now it's using 719 megabytes.
0:23 That seems bad. Maybe we should do something different. We're gonna learn a whole bunch of amazing techniques that would allow us to keep this
0:31 memory usage much lower and we're going to dig in So you understand exactly the trade-offs you might be making and where these costs come
0:38 from, how Python is doing its best to get the most out of the memory that we're using and so on. Not only will you come away with an understanding,
0:46 but we're going to dig in and get some design patterns and some tools and techniques
0:51 that you can proactively use to make your program look more like the one on the left, and less like the one on the right.

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