Python Memory Management and Tips Transcripts
Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: Welcome

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0:00 Welcome, Welcome, to Python Memory Management and tips. This is a pretty unique course.
0:06 We're going to dive deep into the internals of Python to understand how it works to make your code more efficient and make it faster.
0:15 I feel like Python memory management is a bit of a black art. We use Python all the time,
0:21 but most people don't really understand how Python memory works. How are Python objects structured actually in memory in the runtime.
0:31 What does the reference counting part do? What does the garbage collection part do? we've heard maybe even you can avoid using
0:38 the garbage collector altogether. It's a bit of a black art. Well, maybe not this kind of black art.
0:43 Maybe this kind of wizard. Maybe this is the kind of black art, the programmer kind. But if you really want to know how Python Memory works,
0:50 this is a course for you. We're gonna have a balance of high level conversations about algorithms,
0:55 we're gonna dig into the CPython source code and we're going to write a ton of code to explore these ideas and see how they work in practice.

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