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Chapter: Course Conclusion
Lecture: Thank you and goodbye

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0:00 If this class has made a difference for you if you feel like you've learned Python like you haven't before, if you had fun while you were doing it,
0:08 I would really appreciate if you could send out a little bit of love on social media, maybe a message on Twitter or a post on Facebook,
0:15 even better, tell your co-workers about it, I have special pricing for teams and I'd really like to help groups of people become better at Python.
0:24 So, if you think your co-workers could benefit form this course, tell them.
0:29 And, if you are really inspired write a blog post about it, that would be awesome. Thank you for taking my course
0:34 and I wish you the best of luck on whatever it is you are building next, enjoy Python it's a great ecosystem and you can build amazing things with it.
0:42 If you are wondering what to do next, you can always dig deeper into these concepts by subscribing and listening to the Talk Python To Me podcast.
0:50 That's a podcast I created and I host weekly, it's the most popular Python podcast at the time of this recording,
0:57 so I really encourage you to subscribe even if you don't understand everything, all the experts that come on the show talk about,
1:03 being exposed to the ideas will make a huge difference and accelerate your Python learning. So, head on over to the and check that out.
1:10 I am also building more advanced courses, keep an eye on what is coming next at
1:16 Thank you so much, it's been great to share this time with you and I hope you've learned Python in a fun and engaging way. Thanks and goodbye.

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