Python Jumpstart by Building 10 Apps Transcripts
Chapter: Course Conclusion
Lecture: You made it, you are done!

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0:00 Here you are at the end of the class, you've made it through all ten applications,
0:04 I hope you really enjoyed your time learning Python
0:07 and found this to be a really productive and engaging way to learn.
0:12 I want you to congratulate yourself,
0:15 stop for a moment and just think about all the stuff that you have learned
0:18 because if you have built all these ten apps
0:21 you've come a long way, there are many things that you've learned
0:24 and we are going to go back and review them in this short final session.
0:27 If you just put it all on the screen at once,
0:30 and look at what you've learned it's a ton,
0:32 every single point here is pretty big topic so one of these is file I/O
0:38 another one is classes, and inheritance, and screen scraping and generators
0:43 and just all of this stuff you guys have seen in action and hopefully,
0:47 became at least familiar and comfortable with if not have mastered it yet,
0:52 but you have a really good foundation to go and become a Python web developer
0:57 or data scientist using the Python tools
1:00 or whatever it is that inspires you and you need to go build.
1:03 Now before you go, make sure that you've grabbed the source code
1:07 I am sure that you probably have already got this from going through the course,
1:11 but go to
1:16 with dashes separating it, and you know,
1:18 start the repository or bookmark it, something like that,
1:21 I want this to be a resource you can come back to
1:24 as you learn more throughout your Python career.