Python Jumpstart by Building 10 Apps Transcripts
Chapter: App 10: Movie Search App
Lecture: OMDbAPI: The search web service

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0:00 Let's talk briefly about where are we going to get these movie information
0:03 and what we are going to search for anyway.
0:06 So we are going to use the OMDB API,
0:09 the open movie database API, so that's
0:14 and this is a free service where we can go and do queries
0:17 against presumably imdb type of information
0:21 and you see it says the API looks like this,
0:24 and notice that you can get poster images as well,
0:28 so if you want to get the particular poster you are going to need an API key
0:32 but for regular just queries you don't,
0:35 and down here you can see you can search specifically for a movie
0:38 by its title or by its imdb number, things like that,
0:42 or you can just do sort of a keyword search, here like this,
0:45 search the movie title, now they have little examples down here,
0:48 this is pretty helpful and this is really only finding the title exactly
0:52 so our movie that I am really into right now is Capital C movie
0:57 I'll just search for that,
1:01 so a friend of mine recommended this to me
1:03 because the whole Kickstarter thing I am doing
1:05 and it's a really cool movie so let's see if we can find it over here
1:08 so we look for a Capital C and we can either get short results or long results,
1:13 so we can get Json or xml, json is the right answer by the way,
1:16 so we'll do a search and here is what the results that came back are
1:20 and then here is the actual url I would search for.
1:23 If I search for capital, you can see we actually got the results back here
1:26 as the title and the year and so on,
1:29 but if I just put capital here you'll see there is some other movie
1:32 literally just called Capital, but if I actually don't want to just look find by title
1:37 but I actually want to do a search by title, I'll get these results here,
1:40 so let's copy this, we are going to use that url
1:43 and we'll just basically stick something into there, whatever the user types, yeah?
1:48 Now, this is not very legible, it's kind of hard for me to wrap my mind
1:52 about what I am supposed to do with that,
1:54 so I come over to this json pretty printer and say show me a batter view of that,
1:58 aha, there we go, so there is some field and here it called search
2:02 which is going to come back as a list in Python
2:05 we will parse it and then each one of these is going to come back like so,
2:08 and when we parse that from json,
2:10 it will come back as a dictionary with a key of title, a key of year and so on.
2:13 And let's go get the searching.