Python Jumpstart by Building 10 Apps Transcripts
Chapter: App 9: Real Estate Analysis App
Lecture: Concept: generator expressions

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0:00 Let's quickly talk about this cool concept of generator expressions.
0:03 Generator expressions are sort of the next evolution from list comprehensions,
0:09 and list comprehensions of course take the idea
0:12 of writing procedural code, declaring a list,
0:15 and writing some kind of loop within that loop doing a filter
0:20 maybe somehow transforming the data and putting into the list.
0:23 Generator expressions do the exact same thing
0:27 but instead of computing the entire thing into a list in memory
0:31 it works just like the coroutines that you get when you use the yield keyword,
0:35 you don't actually do the computation,
0:37 you don't pull the item back from the get active customers in this example,
0:41 you don't do the test until you start to pull items out of it,
0:44 so if you say for n in paying usernames,
0:49 and you only pull three of those out,
0:51 maybe within the first five of a million active customers
0:54 there are three ones who are active today
0:57 well you are only going to process five customers instead of a million.
1:00 That can have a lot of really powerful
1:03 positive effects for your application performance.
1:06 Now to be fair, there are certain situations where this doesn't work as well,
1:11 you can't index into generators for example,
1:14 or you can for a list comprehension,
1:16 every time you loop over paying usernames,
1:19 you recompute this information,
1:21 so if you are going to use the item over and over and over,
1:23 maybe it makes sense to use a list comprehension,
1:25 often though with these little expressions you create them,
1:28 you blast over them and you are done, in that case,
1:31 generator expressions probably are the way to go.