Python Jumpstart by Building 10 Apps Transcripts
Chapter: App 9: Real Estate Analysis App
Lecture: Concept: Python 3 AND Python 2

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0:00 Let's take a moment and look at this core concept
0:02 of one mechanism for supporting both Python 2 and Python 3.
0:06 You saw in our previous example that we wanted to use
0:09 the statistics module to compute the mean,
0:12 now I realize there are many ways to compute the mean,
0:14 we don't need to fall back on this, it's a pretty simple mechanism
0:17 but the idea is there is some module or some feature
0:20 in a later version of Python that wasn't supported in a prior one.
0:25 So this is not even about Python 2 versus Python 3,
0:28 this is like Python 3.4 versus previous versions, ok,
0:33 so the statistics module is imported in Python 3.4.3
0:37 if we run this code on anything earlier than that,
0:40 it's going to fail, it's going to say there is no module statistics, right,
0:44 if we have it it's a super easy way to compute
0:47 the mean of a set of numbers, you can see below,
0:48 we've got a bunch of numbers, static.mean numbers boom,
0:52 out comes the average.
0:54 But it fails on a lot of the versions of Python.
0:56 So what do we do?
0:58 One way we can solve this problem is we can use a try and just an empty except,
1:02 there are possible problems you can expose yourself to here,
1:04 but in this simple case it definitely works well.
1:07 So, we can say it look, let's try to import the statistics module,
1:10 if it doesn't work it's going to throw an exception
1:14 and we could actually catch the right type of exception,
1:16 we'll get into exceptions later in the next app,
1:18 but it's easy enough for us to go and write the statistics to
1:24 and we define a mean method and it takes the same parameters
1:27 as the real one and the implementation you saw in the previous example write it,
1:31 it was quite easy.
1:33 So the way we solve our problem
1:35 and we get sort of code that runs on all the versions of Python is
1:38 we try to import the statistics on new versions that just works
1:41 and uses the best new module for that if it doesn't work
1:44 it's going to fail fall into the except block and we are going to use
1:48 this specific type of import say we are going to import statistics to stand_in
1:53 and we are going to actually give it the name statistics
1:56 for this particular file and since it's a mean method,
1:58 the statistics.mean it works exactly as we would expect.
2:02 Boom, now our code works on all the versions of Python, just like that.