Python Jumpstart by Building 10 Apps Transcripts
Chapter: App 9: Real Estate Analysis App
Lecture: Concept: lambdas

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0:00 Let's take a moment and talk about a core concept called lambdas.
0:03 In Python, functions and methods are first class citizens.
0:08 That means they have their own type, they can be passed as arguments,
0:11 and they can be treated as like a class or other elements in the language,
0:17 and so that makes it very natural to write a method like the one we have here,
0:21 find the significant numbers, to find_sig_num, so if it's on the slide,
0:24 you pass it set of numbers, and then some kind of method
0:28 and you can use this method to test is this number in this set or is it out of the set.
0:33 So this is an example of using functions as a first class citizen
0:36 and it turns out often when you write code like this the little bit of test,
0:42 the predicate you need to write and pass along
0:46 is really specific to this one purpose where you are using it,
0:48 it's usually very simple and it often does not make sense
0:52 to make its own dedicated method,
0:54 you just want to kind of say here is the little test,
0:57 and it's lambdas that let us do this,
0:59 so you can see on the second to last line we write lamda x: x % 2 ==1
1:04 so the test we are passing off to this find significant numbers,
1:07 in this one example is find me all the odd numbers.
1:11 So you can see we have the Fibonacci sequence, the first bit of them,
1:13 we are passing it off to this fine significant numbers
1:15 and we are only looking at the odd Fibonacci numbers,
1:18 and that's exactly what comes back,
1:20 you'll find lambdas to be a key part of the language,
1:22 and the more you dig into Python, the more you see that they are up here
1:26 and they are helpful all over the place.