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Chapter: App 8: File Searcher App
Lecture: Core concept: Generator methods

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0:00 Let's look at this core concept of generator methods. Here we have a Fibonacci method and we are passing the limit to it,
0:09 to say how many numbers do we want, in traditional type of methods you could have a list and we could go through
0:15 and compute all the items adding them to the list and then when all the answers are done, the entire lists are generated,
0:21 we could then return that list. Generator methods provide us a different mechanism,
0:27 a different way to do that, it dramatically different performance characteristics. Here what we do is we come to this method and we work our way down
0:35 just like any regular method until we get to the yield keyword, and the yield keyword says here is an item in our collection,
0:40 and immediately this method is sort of suspended, the item is returned to whoever called this function as the next item in the sequence,
0:49 they can process it and either decide to continue pulling on the sequence from like a foreign loop or something or they can stop and that's it,
0:57 you've only computed one item. But if they come back and they ask for the next one
1:00 then execution will resume right here, and it just goes around, gives the item back,
1:05 the caller looks at it and it gives you this kind of lazy evaluation of items
1:10 that ultimately turn into sequences where the sequences don't have to be stored in memory all at once before you get to work with them,
1:18 so these generator methods and this yield keyword are really powerful when you are processing large sets of data in series
1:25 or you are even building pipelines where one step pulls on some large data source and then another step takes that process transformed,
1:32 filtered a bit and does more work on it and then you keep doing that and passing along until finally some sort of pipeline spits out
1:39 a smaller transformed set of items, the composition of generator methods is amazing there.
1:44 And that's what we are going to build in our file searcher app, when we get back to it.

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