Python Jumpstart by Building 10 Apps Transcripts
Chapter: App 6: LOLCat Factory
Lecture: Introducing the LOLCat Factory App

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0:00 Hello and welcome to app number 6.
0:03 We are calling this one The Cat Factory,
0:05 as in LOL Cats, it's going to be fun.
0:08 What exactly is a LOL Cat Factory?
0:10 Well, it may be a bit of a strange title but it's going to look like this.
0:14 So we are going to have our standard header
0:16 and then I happen to know of a web service
0:19 that will give you a random LOL Cat
0:21 it's very important service on the internet
0:23 we are going to use it to return data, to our app.
0:26 Previously in the weather app
0:28 we had used Requests to make HTTP Requests against the weather site
0:32 and actually get the HTML's text.
0:34 But now we are going to work with binary data, and the cat pictures
0:38 and then we are going to write that to a binary file
0:40 which is quite different than using text files.
0:42 Finally, you can see at the bottom it says launching output folder and finder
0:45 so we are going to start a subprocess from our app
0:49 and if this returning on Windows, it would say launching output in explorer.
0:53 So what core concepts are we going to cover in this app?
0:57 Well, it's going to be a little bit shorter than the previous two marathon apps,
1:01 but we are going to come back and talk about HTTP clients again,
1:04 this time with binary data
1:07 and we said we are going to save those to binary files
1:09 and we are going to use sub-processes launching other applications
1:13 from within ours to actually interact and display those pictures to the user.
1:17 We are also going to come back to this
1:19 OS independent file and folder management
1:22 and do a little bit more than we had been previously doing with our other apps.
1:26 All right, so let's get to it.