Python Jumpstart by Building 10 Apps Transcripts
Chapter: App 5: Real-time weather client
Lecture: Installing packages via pip (PyCharm)

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0:00 All right we are back in PyCharm.
0:02 Now, we have installed Requests, we have installed Beautiful Soup,
0:05 these are the packages we need to finish our app,
0:07 but before we move on from this concept of pip and installing packages
0:11 let's see what PyCharm has to offer
0:13 because PyCharm actually has a really cool built in package management
0:17 selected interpreters sort of UI here.
0:20 So I can go over here and open the preferences
0:24 or on OS X I can hit command comma, that works in basically all apps,
0:27 so nothing special here, but here is the preferences
0:30 and you can search for project interpreter
0:32 or I already have it selected so it's all good,
0:35 and notice it has the packages right here,
0:38 these are the packages that are installed in Python 3.5 for this machine.
0:43 And notice right here that there is a little arrow
0:46 so it looks like there is actually an upgrade from 1.91 to 1.93
0:51 and I can come down here and hit upgrade,
0:53 now I know that this particular one won't upgrade successfully
0:55 because it's actually already installed in the global Python interpreter
1:00 and that means that I would have to do this as sudo or admin
1:03 and PyCharm is not currently running that way so it's not going to work
1:06 but I can install new ones and upgrade the ones
1:09 that I have installed locally in my user profile.
1:13 So let's go and actually install one, when I type pip install something
1:17 I have to know what that something is but in PyCharm I don't,
1:19 I can hit plus and say I am interested in Requests
1:23 and here is not just Request itself with who the author is, Kenneth Reitz,
1:28 does amazing amazing work and has his email and the link to the home page,
1:33 but it also has all the other ones like here is Request cloud auth
1:37 and Requests for Facebook,
1:39 and Requests for Facebook Python 3 and so on,
1:41 and we are not going to do anything with those
1:44 but check out how cool this is that we can just type this in and get it.
1:47 What I am going to install is another package by Kenneth Reitz,
1:50 the one that he just came out with called Records
1:53 which is a vast simplification on top of the database access
1:58 the DBAPI2 that comes with Python,
2:00 so I come over here and look for Records,
2:03 and you can see SQL for humans by Kenneth Reitz,
2:06 so let's install it, I can even specifically set a version and things like that,
2:11 so down here it's sort of gives you a progress bar and then in a moment,
2:15 we get package records successfully installed
2:18 and now if we go over here and look for records,
2:23 you can see it's in our packages and we can manage it, upgrade it and so on.
2:26 So if you are using PyCharm and you are new,
2:29 I kind of recommend this to get you started, it helps you discover things and so on,
2:33 as you get more experienced in Python
2:35 you will find yourself probably down on the command line little more often.