Python Jumpstart by Building 10 Apps Transcripts
Chapter: App 5: Real-time weather client
Lecture: This chapter has been refreshed

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0:00 If this is the first time you're taking this course,
0:01 you could basically disregard the next two screens here.
0:04 But if you've already taken this course and gone through this chapter,
0:07 you should know that we've completely redone it.
0:10 We've re-created it from scratch.
0:12 Why? Well, we use this awesome place ""
0:16 and we would go there and we'd get the weather from "".
0:19 However, it's been a couple of years,
0:21 and Wunderground has dramatically changed their website.
0:25 So the presentation that we were giving was not really something you could re-create.
0:29 So, what have we done? Well,
0:31 I've built a new weather service,
0:34 and I'm hosting it over at Talk Python.
0:36 So, ""
0:39 we're going to use this weather API to get real live weather data for
0:44 our application, Okay? So if you've seen this course before and you've already gone
0:48 through it and you're wondering "hey, why did all these videos change?"
0:50 this is why. It's just to refresh and keeping things modern.
0:54 If you want to get back to the old code,
0:56 go to the GitHub repository for the course handouts,
0:59 the course demos, and just switch branches to "Old Weather APP chapter" and you'll see that
1:03 code. Otherwise, you're also going to see the latest code on the GitHub
1:07 repository. With that out of the way,
1:09 let's go build our awesome weather app against our brand new shiny weather API.