Python Jumpstart by Building 10 Apps Transcripts
Chapter: App 5: Real-time weather client
Lecture: Intro to our weather client app

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0:00 Hello and welcome to app number five. This time we're gonna build a weather client; an application that you run, and you can
0:07 ask "what is the weather" in virtually any town in the world. Now, this is not a simulated weather client.
0:14 It's not going to just give some random thing like "maybe it's gonna be cloudy and 72". No, it's going to go out to the Internet and actually get the
0:22 weather at that location. So we're going to do some really, really cool stuff. Let's see exactly what we're going to build.
0:30 It's gonna look like this. It'll have a little header like all of our apps do, and it will say
0:35 "enter your location" and you put in a city and a country, or just a city within the U.S., or a city and a state in the country
0:43 U.S. However you want. Here, we're gonna say "I'd like to know the weather in Seattle" and right now, when
0:49 I ran this, it said the weather in Seattle is 54.48 degrees Fahrenheit and the forecast is clouds, specifically scattered clouds.
0:57 And then I asked for Stuttgart, Germany, Deutschland, the weather in Stuttgart, Germany is 47°F and overcast clouds.
1:05 Cool, right? So this is what we're gonna build and you'll see, While it may sound complicated to go out actually to the Internet and get all this
1:12 information with Python, it's gonna be awesome.

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