Python Jumpstart by Building 10 Apps Transcripts
Chapter: App 4: Journal app and file I/O
Lecture: Core concept: Importing modules and packages

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0:00 The concept of importing modules and packages is very central to Python
0:05 and it's what really provides the ability to
0:09 have Python be this so called "batteries included" language
0:13 where if there is some sort of feature that you need,
0:15 there is a few lines of code you write and boom, you have it.
0:18 Typically, it've to import some amazing package
0:22 that's going to solve your problem.
0:23 Now we saw there is three ways that we can import,
0:27 there is actually more than that but I think this is enough to get us started.
0:30 We can say import, name of the package or module,
0:34 and that both allows and requires us to maintain the namespace
0:38 down below you can see os.path.exists,
0:41 or we can import individual entities, functions,
0:45 variables, classes and so on out of the modules
0:48 like from os import path, that's ok,
0:51 it's not amazingly good, but it's not bad,
0:53 and that lets us write style too, we could take the lazy way
0:56 and import everything out of the os
0:58 regardless whether we are going to use it,
1:00 that's not such a good idea you kind of get into name conflicts
1:04 and it's not very obvious what you are actually getting from that module
1:06 and where are you using it below,
1:09 that would still let you write style to code below.