Python Jumpstart by Building 10 Apps Transcripts
Chapter: App 3: Birthday countdown app
Lecture: Birthday countdown app

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0:00 It's time for app number 3,
0:01 this time we are going to write an app that'll answer the question
0:04 how long until your birthday.
0:07 So what exactly are we going to build?
0:09 We are going to build an app that looks like this
0:11 it's going to have a little header
0:12 saying birthday app like all of our apps do,
0:15 and then it's going to first ask a couple of questions of the user
0:19 when were they born,
0:20 so ask the year, month and day,
0:23 and then pull those back,
0:25 those will come back as strings,
0:26 we'll convert those to numbers,
0:27 and use those numbers to actually come up with a date object,
0:32 that represents a particular time on the calendar,
0:34 and then we'll do a little math with that date, relative to today,
0:39 and we'll use that to answer the question how long is it until your birthday
0:44 and if you have already had your birthday
0:45 we'll say hey your birthday was so many days ago.
0:49 So again, that looks pretty straightforward,
0:50 but we are going to learn a lot.
0:53 We are going to come back to working with functions
0:56 and organizing our code into small, reusable pieces of functionality
1:00 and in our previous example,
1:02 we saw that we worked with functions
1:03 but they were sort of the most basic,
1:06 they were just things you would call to have actions
1:08 and here we are going to have functions
1:10 that both take parameters
1:12 and so we can supply different values to them
1:14 like a particular date and the return values,
1:17 the things like how many days from this particular date until now.
1:22 The other major thing we'll focus on
1:24 is dates and times and time spans,
1:27 so when you work with dates and times between dates,
1:30 in Python these are the 3 basic concepts
1:33 that you'll see and they will be central to this app.