Python Jumpstart by Building 10 Apps Transcripts
Chapter: App 1: Hello (you Pythonic) world
Lecture: Why hello world (it's simple right?)

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0:00 Hello and welcome to the first app you are going to build.
0:03 It's a Hello World app.
0:05 And we are naming it Hello (You Pythonic) World.
0:08 So, what exactly are we going to build?
0:10 Well, it's going to look like this.
0:13 We are going to have a little Hello World app
0:15 and it's going to have a header that says "Hello App"
0:17 and it's going to ask a question "What is your name?"
0:20 And then, the user will enter something like "Michael".
0:23 And you can see here,
0:24 this is a convention we use throughout the course
0:27 that the yellow indicates user input
0:29 and the white indicates application output.
0:32 So the user enters "Michael", and the app will echo back,
0:35 "Nice to meet you, Michel"
0:37 Now, you may not think that there is
0:38 a whole lot to learn from such a simple application,
0:41 but in fact, there is really quite a bit going on here.
0:44 We are going to use the Hello World app
0:45 not just to show the minimum number of characters
0:47 you have to enter into an editor
0:49 to get Python to generate an application,
0:51 but in fact, to verify our Python environment,
0:54 and to get started with our editors,
0:57 as well as we are extending it to do
0:58 a little bit more than standard Hello World
1:01 which is maybe console out,
1:02 but we are talking about basic syntax, strings,
1:05 accepting input from the users, variables,
1:07 that kind of stuff.
1:08 So you can actually learn quite a bit,
1:10 even from this very simple Hello World application.