Python Jumpstart by Building 10 Apps Transcripts
Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: Doing the exercises

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0:00 What fun would it be to build these applications
0:02 if you don't build them yourself?
0:04 So, it's really important that you guys try to build these apps yourself.
0:07 There are two ways you can do it,
0:09 you can either, go to each chapter and see the description of the app,
0:13 and then try to build it, then watch the lesson,
0:15 that is maybe an advanced scenario,
0:18 more likely you watch me do it, we talk about it and then,
0:21 you put the video aside, you go and you start working on yourself.
0:25 Either way, you are going to need a Git hold of the source code.
0:28 So the source code is in a public Git repository,
0:31 it's
0:37 So let's go over there and have a look.
0:40 Here is the repository, you can just simply download it as a zip,
0:43 or if you are into Git like me, feel free to clone it,
0:47 you can install GitHub desktop and clone it that way,
0:49 you can clone it from the command line copying this here.
0:52 So the most important part you'll find are the apps.
0:55 So if you go into the apps you will see there is 0, 1, 2, 3
0:59 and in the setup one, we just have some links, stuff to help you get setup,
1:03 those will be in the next video,
1:05 but for each of the other ones, let's say... let's jump down here to journal.
1:08 You can see for each particular app, there is a... you_try and a final.
1:13 The final is exactly what I created in the video,
1:16 so in the video, I actually created these three files
1:20 and here is the exact code that I wrote for this particular application, ok?
1:25 Not surprisingly, when it's time for you to try to build the app,
1:29 you go to you_try.
1:30 Now, for almost all the apps there is nothing to really get started with,
1:34 you can just create a file, a new Python file, and get started,
1:38 it doesn't matter where you put it,
1:39 but I put the instructions in here for a few of the apps
1:42 there will be resources you need to get started,
1:45 for example that real estate app,
1:47 the data files you need are going to be there to get started with.
1:50 But, most of the time, I have something like this,
1:53 and it will give you a picture of what we are going to build,
1:55 so here is our birthday app... we are going to write an app that has this output,
1:59 and you can see it asks three questions to construct the date,
2:02 what year, day and month were you born,
2:04 and then it does its work and it answers the question...
2:07 well it looks like you were born on this day,
2:09 and it looks like your birthday is in so many days from now.
2:11 Hope you are looking forward to it.
2:13 Down below, you can see that there is always
2:16 the key concepts that you need to know,
2:19 so for example, in this one,
2:21 we talk about functions,
2:22 so here is kind of the basics of functions,
2:23 and we talk about "datetimes",
2:26 so it shows you the various pieces of "datetimes" that you might need to use.
2:30 If we look at another one, like, let's look at number 2...
2:37 you can see this one talked about string formatting,
2:39 conditionals, loops, importing modules,
2:40 and there is just a little example here,
2:42 this is not instructions that you follow,
2:44 but these are sort of the key concepts that you need to know,
2:47 so if you want to try it before we talk about it,
2:50 you have at least a chance, right?,
2:52 but for the most part I expect you to have watched the video
2:54 and then you try it yourself.
2:57 So that's the story the source code, the apps,
2:59 the instructions, how you follow along.
3:01 So, LET GET STARTED!!!!!
3:04 It doesn't matter what you want to build,
3:06 I am sure you are going to build something amazing with Python,
3:08 and the time to get stated on it, and learning, and building, is right now.
3:13 Let's move on to the next set of videos
3:15 where you will learn about setting up your environment
3:17 and then it will be on to the applications.
3:19 Once again, welcome to the class, have a great time.