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Chapter: Course Conclusion
Lecture: Lightning review: Getting help

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0:01 It's so exciting to create a new business and work on all these things. But you shouldn't try to do it all, you should think about
0:08 where your skills are best applied and where it would be much better to just spend a little bit of money to get someone to help you out.
0:16 So we talked about two primary places to get help. Do you need help with things like, let's say in our case video editing or transcripts,
0:26 or stuff that's not your primary goal, but it is a really important part of your work. Upwork is an awesome place to do this, I have a bunch of people
0:34 that work with me through Upwork and I am really happy with that whole setup. Now graphic design is another really big challenge,
0:42 especially when you're getting started. We talked about ninety 99 designs and how you can go here and basically set up what's called a contest
0:48 and maybe 50 people will come and propose designs and iterate their designs and you pick one and you probably come up with something really excellent.
0:56 My experience is being great a few times I've used them as well.

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