Python for Entrepreneurs Transcripts
Chapter: Course Conclusion
Lecture: Lightning review: Deployment

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0:02 We started out with a Pyramid application
0:04 that we had built sitting on our local machine.
0:06 But there was no way for perspective customers to access it.
0:09 Throughout the videos in the course, we built up our application
0:13 and deployed it to a server on Digital Ocean.
0:16 What at first looked like a really complicated deployment diagram
0:19 we broke down into individual steps.
0:22 So we provisioned a server through Digital Ocean with an operating system on it
0:27 we added a web server, our Python code
0:30 using source control to grab our code off of github,
0:34 we created public and private keys in order to securely access our code,
0:38 and then we used a few external services
0:40 like github, PyPi, Let's encrypt, Namechep,
0:44 in order to register domain names and provide notifications through Twilio,
0:49 so a combination of what we deployed on our own server,
0:52 and external services that we were accessing
0:56 allowed us to deploy our application and make it publicly addressable
1:00 to any perspective customers through the internet.