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Chapter: Course Conclusion
Lecture: Lightning review: SEO

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0:01 One of the best ways to drive long term sustainable growth to your business is through content marketing, and using search engine optimization or SEO,
0:11 in order to increase the traffic that goes to the content you've created. Remember that content marketing is about giving useful, accurate information
0:20 that is of interest to your prospective customers. The content that you write or that you create whether that's text or video or sound clips
0:29 is going to be specific to your business, you have to understand your own customers and create content that is going to be relevant to them.
0:37 Always think about it as helping them solve a problem that they have, don't sales pitch them on your own product.
0:45 Your product should be part of their solution, but it is not the only thing that will take away all of their problems.
0:51 Really the content works hand in hand with what you're creating in order to solve their problems, so you don't need to hard sales pitch them
0:58 in order for them to be interested in what you've created. SEO is a set of tactics that allow you to increase your rankings in goggle over time
1:07 it won't happen overnight, but when you follow certain practices SEO is guaranteed to help your rankings.
1:15 Now what are those things that are involved with SEO? Well, first you want to make sure that your title tag, your header tags
1:23 and the meta description tag in your HTML all map to what your content is actually about. And there are certain limitations that we covered,
1:33 such as having a short title that is give take set less than seventy characters and other guidelines like that, that are going to help you to improve
1:41 your SEO rank over time, that are openly promoted by google and other search engines
1:47 that are actually informing you how you should handle these elements.
1:50 Keep the content length to at minimum 750 characters to 2,000 characters on a 01:56 page, anything that's larger than that should be broken up
2:00 and anything less than about 750 characters on content you've created is typically not dense enough for it to rank highly in search engine results.
2:09 Use a flat url structure, don't nest your URLs to deeply, so for example, if you have a .com and you have then /blog
2:18 and /the year, the month, the day, all in different folders, that will actually hurt your SEO results,
2:25 because your content is to far nested down a folder path. Always keep an eye on your site low time and the page speed
2:33 and support all mobile devices by having a responsive design which recovered earlier in the course. Make sure that the site low time stays low
2:42 because fast performing sites are ranked higher in search engine results. Also make sure to not bog down your site with additional Javascript
2:51 that is unnecessary or social widgets and tracking snippets that don't provide you with actual value on your site
2:58 and take away from the experience that your users have when they're trying to read your content.

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