Python for Entrepreneurs Transcripts
Chapter: Course Conclusion
Lecture: Lightning review: mailing-list

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0:01 I hope you're convinced that mailing lists are very valuable.
0:04 Having a mailing list while not as sexy or publicly visible
0:08 as like twenty thousand followers on facebook or on twitter,
0:11 is actually much more valuable.
0:14 We talked about how to set up MailChimp,
0:17 we also talked about some of the other options, such as Drip and
0:21 whatever you choose, definitely focus on having a mailing list;
0:25 it's one of the really hidden secrets of a successful business.
0:29 Here you can see many of these new businesses
0:33 before they even launch, they'll have this page they are like hey, we're coming soon
0:36 definitely definitely sign up for a mailing list,
0:39 so we can tell you when it's ready to launch.
0:42 And we want to talk about like how do you add a subscriber, right,
0:45 we talked about forms and having people submit forms and validation,
0:48 but inside your form, like how do you actually do this.
0:51 You could have your own database, and your own mail system,
0:55 but don't do that, use MailChimp or something equivalent.
0:58 For using MailChimp, you just go and create their API,
1:01 you give him the key and you just call list.subscribe
1:03 give it the mailing list id that you are using, and a few options
1:06 and boom- they're all automatically set up.
1:09 Then whenever you're ready to announce your big thing
1:12 you go to MailChimp and you send an email to everyone who's signed up.