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Chapter: Course Conclusion
Lecture: Lightning review: css-frameworks

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0:01 So we had a functional website but it wasn't beautiful yet, that's where we brought in bootstrap
0:08 and the first major element of bootstrap that we talked about was the grid, so here's the Talk Python site, at least at the time of this recording
0:15 and we said well, what if we resize this, right, say if we view it on a phone, we would like it to reflow
0:22 like for example those three images at the bottom, we'd like those to not sort of get smaller and smaller and smaller
0:28 but in fact turn into just three subsequent images. And we did that with bootstrap, and the grid,
0:34 so over here, we've got sort of visual representation of how this grid might look
0:40 so what we do is we say we've got these columns, and we express their sizes. On a medium size or larger I want them to be table like,
0:47 anything smaller than md for medium, I want it to become one after another. You could do that for small, you could do that for large.
0:56 So over here we do this in css, we'd say container within the container we'll have a row and within the row we have the columns.
1:02 The important thing to keep in mind is the columns should always add to twelve. So here we've got one is eight and over here we have one that is four.
1:11 Here's the sizes, right xs for extra small, sm for small and so on so when the size is smaller than this,
1:21 it's going to turn into something like a one after the other larger than this it's going to be like a table style.
1:28 So we found the grid to be super helpful, and the general layout we also said look, we are probably not web designers
1:35 but we still need to design our web page, and if we start out the blank page we say this is how we start, and I don't know about you
1:43 but that's a very high hill to climb, to go from here to a good looking site so we said well let's throw in bootstrap, and if we throw in bootstrap
1:50 the topography and stuff gets a whole lot nicer, I mean, already this just looks better, but it's still just white and black text, right.
1:57 So then we said let's go find some themes, some bootstrap themes and make this look super good.
2:04 So don't forget to go and check out all the theme places and consider those for your projects.

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