Python for Entrepreneurs Transcripts
Chapter: Course Conclusion
Lecture: Lightning review: web-design-foundations

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0:02 Next, we took a break from Python to talk about web design.
0:05 And we started by looking at the power of css at CSS Zen Garden.
0:10 Remember, this is a single static html page,
0:16 and yet the only thing changing here is the css
0:19 and the images that it pulls in through css.
0:23 So you can really do amazing things with css,
0:25 often web developers try to kind of ignore css as long as they can,
0:29 if they're kind of new to doing web development,
0:31 they've come from somewhere else,
0:34 but taking a moment and really learning
0:36 a few fundamentals of css makes all the difference.
0:38 One of the most important parts the css is the selector.
0:41 So here we have a blank css page,
0:45 and we're going to start out and say how do we select maybe by html node
0:51 so you can say I want to work with the body or every div on this page,
0:54 you could just say body or div; if you want to select by class
0:57 so like here we have a paragraph a p with class equals lead
1:00 we could say .lead, and if you want to specialize this
1:03 if this was like I want to find all the divs that have the class main,
1:07 you would say div.main, right, so . means class in css basically.
1:12 Final one is by id, so here we have an image that has an id profile_image
1:18 so we would say #, so #profile_image.
1:21 Now usually, that's good enough for one page
1:24 because we only have one id basically unique per page,
1:27 but we also might want to say across the site every time you see a div#profile
1:31 that part of the site we specifically want to style it differently
1:35 so you can combine the html node or things like this
1:38 you could combine classes and ids, all sorts of things
1:41 you put them together sort of by just using no white space if you will.
1:45 So selectors are super important and recall that we had this demo app
1:48 that basically lets you type in css selectors and it turns them yellow,
1:53 so here we're looking at the table that has table rows that are in this month,
1:57 so like only the first four here in this particular month.
2:01 And you can go here and play around
2:03 and so if you want to explore this some more don't forget that little demo app
2:05 that you get to play with.