Python for Entrepreneurs Transcripts
Chapter: Course Conclusion
Lecture: Lightning review: git

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0:01 We learned how to use source control, including git and the cloud service github,
0:05 in order to track our changes to our files and our projects, as we went along.
0:09 This is not only useful for going back in case you mess something up,
0:13 but it really allows you to move faster without having to worry
0:16 about all the things that are changing in your project,
0:19 you just add them to git and it will keep track of everything over time.
0:22 We learned how to use git's building block commands,
0:25 including git add, commit, status, log, push and pull as the main ones
0:30 in order to work with our files, add them to the repository and manipulate them.
0:36 These commands are the building blocks that we use in git.
0:40 Github is the cloud service that stores backups of our git repositories
0:45 and makes it easier for us to collaborate through github issues and pull requests
0:49 with other contractors that we're working with or employees in our business.
0:54 Again, think about using git and source control
0:58 as something that allows you to move faster,
1:00 because you are able to collaborate with other people
1:03 not stepping over each other's changes,
1:05 and you're able to sync up these files on a backup service
1:07 just in case anything happens to your local machine.