Python for Entrepreneurs Transcripts
Chapter: Course Conclusion
Lecture: Lightning review: pyramid-building-blocks

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0:01 Now you've made it through this whole course, it's almost 20 hours of content.
0:04 So we wanted to take this opportunity to go through every single chapter
0:08 and go at a very high level through everything that we learned.00:12 So before we put the wraps on this course,
0:15 let's touch, do a little quick lightning review.
0:18 First thing that we talked about was the
0:21 Pyramid web framework and the web building blocks.
0:24 So when we think about the building blocks, these are the major moving pieces of Pyramid.
0:29 So the first one that we touched on was routes.
0:32 We're going to take some url and we're going to map it
0:35 to some functionality in our web application.
0:37 So we have this rich routing framework to map, not just urls to functions
0:42 but partition and past data as part of those function calls.
0:46 We have views and the Pyramid nomenclature,
0:50 and these are the functions or methods that actually process the request.
0:54 If you're coming from the nvc pattern way of thinking
0:58 these would be considered controllers in nvc.
1:01 We have templates, these are the Chameleon dynamic html pages,
1:05 again views in the nvc world, and we have our models.
1:09 Now these are basically dictionaries that we return from our view methods,
1:13 and they can be passed over to the Chmeleon templates
1:16 or they could be passed like a Javascript's utilizer for services.
1:20 And of course, we saw that the framework has rich support for static assets
1:26 things like css and Javascript and images and so on.
1:29 And we also have a multiple configurations that we could use
1:32 this is the development.any and production.any files.
1:36 We might put our Stripe API key or test Stripe keys into the development one
1:42 but of course, we want to make real money
1:45 so we'll put our actual real Stripe keys in the production one.