Python for Entrepreneurs Transcripts
Chapter: Course Conclusion
Lecture: Showcase (of student creations)

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0:01 Now that you are thinking about what you're going to build and hopefully getting started on it, I want to draw your attention
0:09 to the student showcase, so just at we've got this place where we're collecting
0:17 the cool things that our students have built. So as you're working on this project, and especially when you launch
0:23 whatever it is you're going to create from this course, please send us a note, let us know you launched it, we'll list it here
0:28 maybe we'll give you some kind of shot out either on the podcast or on twitter or both;
0:32 but we'd really love to hear what successes you are having after this course and we'd love to share it with everyone. So please submit it here.

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