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Chapter: Growth hacking basics
Lecture: Email campaigns

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0:01 Let's talk about a pro tip that Michael taught me which fits into the funnel around the evaluation and sign up process.
0:07 It can also be used for existing customers if you're emailing certain things out to them, like a new feature.
0:13 Once you have perspective or current customers' email addresses, they've opted in to your email list you, can not only send them emails
0:19 you can send follow up emails if they never even open the original email that you sent to them.
0:25 A couple of cases where this is really good- if you've got an email newsletter and you're excited to announce the big launch of your application,
0:31 and only 50 percent of people even opened that email, you can follow up a week later with another email slightly different subject line
0:38 and hopefully get some percentage of that 50 percent which didn't open your original email to open up, and then read the new email.
0:46 Likewise, if you have an existing customer base, you've got some great new features and 20 percent of the people
0:52 just never even opened the email, you can do the same thing with them. Let's take a look in an example.
0:57 Back in August, I sent out an email to my Full Stack Python newsletter list,
1:00 an email list of any sufficient size is going to have a significant chunk of people who never even open an email that you send,
1:08 regardless of how the subject line is worded. In this case, the subject line was
1:12 "less than 24 hours to back the Python for Entrepreneurs video course", this was on when the course was originally on Kickstarter.
1:18 Now I'm in MailChimp, and we can see the results of this campaign, if we just scroll down a little bit.
1:23 A little over 50 percent of people opened up this email, 10.5 percent of people clicked through one of the links in the email;
1:31 that is fairly common, and we can see over time, once we sent the email out, people tend to open it up in spurts
1:38 and then there's a long tale of traffic over the next 24 hours. But what about after a week? Chances are most people
1:45 are not going to be opening up their email, I know that I open up a lot of my email newsletters on the weekend,
1:51 oftentimes I just miss things or I am bulk deleting a bunch of emails and getting a follow up email would be just fine by me.
1:58 So what we can do in MailChip or most likely whatever email software you're using, is you can resend in an open campaign.
2:04 I'll give the link out to this at the end. Essentially, once you have a campaign and you can replicate that campaign,
2:11 you can change the title of it, and then you can send it out to a certain group, and if you follow these steps you get to the point where you can
2:20 send it out to everyone who has not opened up this newsletter. So that's super helpful for bumping up the effective rate
2:27 at which people open up your email newsletters. You want to be selective when using this, you don't want to spam people,
2:34 but if you got a really important announcement and you want to make sure to maximize the number of people that open up the email
2:39 that announces something that you've worked really hard on, this can be a great way to do that.
2:44 You can go to this link here, and this shows you how exactly to do it with your own campaign.

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