Python for Entrepreneurs Transcripts
Chapter: Getting help (contracting, design, and more)
Lecture: Inside Michael's projects at fiverr

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0:01 Alright, let's look inside my account on Fiverr.
0:04 I'll show you one person that I hired for a project,
0:07 I've actually hired two or three various things.
0:11 Here these are also mostly graphic arts,
0:13 like I said that is where I need the most help,
0:15 I have the least skill and graphic arts seems like something
0:18 that is pretty easy to get help with.
0:21 So here you just log in, you can create a new project here, right, so post the request,
0:26 and I posted one for a logo, for the actual business,
0:31 the LLC that is the thing that owns the podcast and the courses,
0:35 and this LLC is called PDX Web Properties.
0:38 And PDX is an acronym that's been adopted for Portland Oregon,
0:44 so it's kind of like Portland Oregon Web Properties, but you know,
0:47 a little more concise than that, even though it's still a long name.
0:50 So I wanted a logo for that because when I bill people on invoices,
0:54 and I have a website, because I felt like I probably should have
0:57 an actual presence on the web even though it's very limited,
1:00 I should have something that looks at least a little bit established.
1:03 So I said somebody create me a design for this, and you get a bunch of proposals,
1:07 much more like Upwork and then you pick one and you work with that person.
1:10 So here I said "design 3 original logo concepts for my business" and this is,
1:14 I said I am going to pay a little bit extra, I was in Europe at the time
1:18 so they charged me in Euros, thanks for that, anyway,
1:21 I said I'll pay and instead of one design give me three and I'll pick the best one.
1:25 And then I said also, no that was five dollars, that thing, or five euros,
1:29 but then I said I want it really quickly because I was trying to set up
1:33 some kind of invoicing thing, there was some reason I wanted it more quickly.
1:37 So, I paid a little bit extra for that, ten bucks didn't seem like a big deal.
1:41 You can see it was actually delivered in ten days and 23 hours, that is the countdown,
1:45 you can say here is all the details about what I want done,
1:49 and what was posted, this person, actualreviewnet did a good job,
1:53 so you can see over here, initially they sent me these three things,
1:56 I had sent them a few pictures about Portland, some iconic things and so on,
1:59 like a picture of one of the volcanoes Mt Hood,
2:03 and there is a sign that has this deer thing on it, in the city and so on.
2:07 So they gave me back these three designs, and I said
2:10 I kind of like this top design first, and they said well OK,
2:13 I'll give you a few variations on that, and I didn't really like the color scheme here,
2:18 and this seemed more energetic, so I think this is the one I ended up picking,
2:21 you could actually check it out.
2:25 If you go to PDX Web Properties, you can see
2:27 here is like little landing page, and it just talks about
2:30 "oh, we run these podcasts and the training company and there is me, we're in Portland",
2:33 it's super simple. I just wanted something that I could put up and say
2:38 here is the website of the business, right,
2:41 I felt like having that logo put on invoices made it feel little more real,
2:46 a little more professional and spending five bucks for that that seemed reasonable.