Python for Entrepreneurs Transcripts
Chapter: Getting help (contracting, design, and more)
Lecture: A little help for five dollars

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0:01 Next up is Fiverr.
0:04 And, If you looked at 99designs and you are like "wow, that is expensive",
0:08 700 dollars for like a logo, and, I think it is expensive but,
0:12 like I said, I felt like it was worth it, and you want to start smaller,
0:16 which is totally something I would recommend,
0:19 if you want to start smaller, than you can go to Fiverr.
0:22 Now, Fiverr, the name, I believe comes from the fact
0:26 that you pay five dollars for a thing, and the prices really are pretty close to that,
0:31 so I'll give you a look inside of one of the projects or things I did over Fiverr.
0:37 But here you can find much smaller projects,
0:39 much cheaper but at the same time, I would say,
0:43 obviously if you pay five dollars for a thing versus 50 dollars on say Upwork
0:49 versus 700 dollars on 99designs,
0:52 you are going to get a verity of different skill levels, and effort put into it and so on.
0:58 Fiverr is pretty cool for really small things,
1:01 I haven't used it a ton, I've used it for graphic arts
1:05 but you can use it for all sorts of things.