Python for Entrepreneurs Transcripts
Chapter: Getting help (contracting, design, and more)
Lecture: Premium graphic design via 99designs

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0:01 Let's talk about graphic design.
0:05 So, there are many design agencies out there,
0:09 one of the things I think can be really tricky
0:13 is how do I go find somebody to do design?
0:15 because if you find someone and then you don't really like their style,
0:18 or you work with them for a week and what you get back
0:21 is not really what you were hoping for, that can be really frustrating
0:24 and it could be expensive as well, but not just expensive in money, but in time, right?
0:29 You are looking to get your stuff going, you spend two weeks going that one path,
0:32 you need to just start over, find a new person and so on.
0:35 So let me tell you about this place called 99designs,
0:38 so I've used 99designs twice, yes, twice I've used them, maybe three times,
0:43 I can't remember, but I've used them at least twice for various projects that I've had going.
0:48 And, one of them is for my most recent podcast,
0:51 and I am going to take you on a tour of that, but the idea of 99designs is
0:55 you go and you say "these are the kind of designs I like,
0:58 here is what my project is about",
1:01 and give them a little extra background information and so on.
1:04 And then, you post the job here and a little bit like you saw on Upwork,
1:08 people will go and apply to do your design.
1:12 But, they actually submit the design that is the final product.
1:16 They say 99 designs as in like 99 designers will submit their design to you,
1:21 and then you just pick the final product that you like.
1:24 When I did it I had fewer than 99 designs,
1:28 but that is because I cancelled the whole thing sooner, as I'll show you.
1:31 This is really low risk, you get a bunch of great responses and choices
1:38 within just a few days.
1:40 And so I am a big fan of 99designs and what you get out of it,
1:43 it is a little rough and a bunch of designers actually put in a bunch of work
1:47 to create designs for you and you can only pick one.