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Chapter: Getting help (contracting, design, and more)
Lecture: Upwork: A cautionary tale on hiring

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0:01 A final thought about Upwork before I go, I've had really good success with things like this,
0:07 help me edit my podcast, help me create transcripts for my online courses, I have a really great women named Marija who does that for me,
0:15 who I also found through Upwork and we've been working together for almost two years; this experience has been super.
0:21 I have tried to hire somebody through here for web development and I tried to hire somebody for a software development job,
0:29 and I found those to be much, much more sketchy. I don't know why, maybe it's just because software jobs are in demand
0:36 and everyone is trying to jump on the bandwagon or something, but, I've interviewed people where they claimed to be in different location
0:44 then they actually were, they lied about their history, things like that, so for example there is a guy I think he was from the Philippines
0:53 who said he was in Chicago, or somewhere like that. And, I don't remember how I figured that out,
1:00 I think it was through like real time Google analytics and I said "Where are you right now?", "I am in Chicago",
1:07 OK, go to these various webpages on my website, not because I was trying to test him, but I was a little unsure,
1:15 but really wanted to show him those things there and I happen to have my analytics up
1:18 and I look over and it says on this page, one visitor from the Philippines. It's totally fine with me if someone is from the Philippines, I don't care,
1:26 like I hire people from a bunch of places and I would be more than happy to work with someone from the Philippines,
1:32 but not someone from the Philippines who is lying and saying they are in Chicago.
1:36 Be a little careful if it actually comes to software development, web design,
1:39 those seem to attract folks that are trying to find they way into the industry I guess, I don't know, that's my one word of caution here.

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