Python for Entrepreneurs Transcripts
Chapter: Getting help (contracting, design, and more)
Lecture: Upwork: Reviewing the applicants

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0:01 So Anthony Pukal, he is one of the guys that applied
0:03 and he seems like a really nice guy, he said I'll do this for 65 dollars.
0:07 And you get all sorts of history about him, he's done 20 jobs,
0:11 worked almost a 1000 hours, he's had a great success, he is top rated, these are all good things.
0:15 Here you can see his part of that cover letter,
0:17 these are the questions that I asked, are you familiar with Audacity?
0:22 "No, I use Adobe Audition, here is my experience, I produced over 250 hours of podcasts
0:27 and I worked with O'Reilly on some various projects", etc, etc,
0:31 so he is really clearly qualified to do this work, right,
0:35 he has many hours of experience of doing this.
0:39 And, then he says look, here is a personal letter,
0:42 here is another thing that I would say is very important when you are hiring people,
0:45 is attention to detail, and make sure that they are actually responding to you,
0:49 not just sending some like cover letter that is like completely generic.
0:53 If somebody sent me a message and it just says
0:56 "Hi, I edit podcasts and this is my experience, thank you",
1:01 that person immediately gets kicked out.
1:04 On the other hand, if they send me a message,
1:06 "Hi Michael, I listen to your podcast, it sounds really amazing,
1:09 I think I can make it sound at least that good, I've been editing like this,
1:13 I've been doing all this work," here you can see, look at this,
1:16 "In episode 19 you mentioned..." like, that is really,
1:20 the guy looked at what I am doing, and he is really interested and so on,
1:25 so this to me, this is very important that there is something that shows
1:29 they have actually looked at what you've done
1:31 and they are excited to work with you and they know what that work means.
1:34 Finally, if you go to the bottom, you can see his work, right,
1:38 it says work history and feedback,
1:40 you can sort it by highest, lowest rated, whatever,
1:42 one of the things that I also look for is how much the jobs that they have been doing,
1:48 specifically apply to the job that I am asking for,
1:51 so if somebody is applying to say edit video,
1:55 but they are actually, most of their jobs have been like virtual assistant
1:58 or something weird like that, they are out.
2:01 Like I'm looking for somebody who is a video editor,
2:04 not a personal assistant who is like hey, I bet I could pick this thing up, right,
2:07 so you can tell that really quickly, down here you can see things like podcast editing,
2:11 "he is a top guy he produces great quality", "he made my life simple"
2:15 these are all really good things, right, great experience.
2:19 So, you can really see this before you even interact with the person, OK.
2:24 The other thing that point out is this guy is in the US, so he is near my time zone,
2:28 he is native English speaker, that may or may not matter, right,
2:32 depending on what you are doing, it may or may not matter.
2:36 So here is another guy, from Greece, and he says "I'll do the same job for 30 bucks".
2:42 And he is also top rated, extremely high success rate, lots of history on Upwork,
2:48 so that really helps, again if you look at the cover letter,
2:51 he answers the questions well,
2:53 "yeah, I use Audacity" but mostly just as sort of a transfer format,
2:57 this is usually what I work in, here is my experience,
3:01 eight years I've worked at the Greek Broadcasting Company,
3:06 doing interviews and radio dramas,
3:09 I mean, this guy has got serious professional TV and radio type of work,
3:14 so you can come down here, now notice,
3:17 if you look at this, there is no personal stuff.
3:21 There is no "Hey Michael, I check out your podcast, this is really great, etc etc etc"
3:25 but at least there is some comment about what I sent over, so that is pretty good.
3:30 And then, if you go and look at his work history,
3:32 he is extraordinaire at what he does, we can count on him,
3:37 and he doesn't disappoint, right, there is all sorts of reviews like that,
3:40 so this guys is definitely in the running as well.
3:43 Right, so from then on I might start a conversation with them, you can send messages.
3:47 In the end, it's one job, one week, 30 bucks, 50 bucks,
3:52 it's not a tremendous commitment,
3:55 so you can try somebody out and if it works out well then you keep working with them,
3:58 if it doesn't work out well, well- you learn something and you move on.