Python for Entrepreneurs Transcripts
Chapter: Getting help (contracting, design, and more)
Lecture: Upwork: Reviewing the applicants

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0:01 So Anthony Pukal, he is one of the guys that applied and he seems like a really nice guy, he said I'll do this for 65 dollars.
0:08 And you get all sorts of history about him, he's done 20 jobs,
0:12 worked almost a 1000 hours, he's had a great success, he is top rated, these are all good things. Here you can see his part of that cover letter,
0:18 these are the questions that I asked, are you familiar with Audacity?
0:23 "No, I use Adobe Audition, here is my experience, I produced over 250 hours of podcasts and I worked with O'Reilly on some various projects", etc, etc,
0:32 so he is really clearly qualified to do this work, right, he has many hours of experience of doing this.
0:40 And, then he says look, here is a personal letter, here is another thing that I would say is very important when you are hiring people,
0:46 is attention to detail, and make sure that they are actually responding to you,
0:50 not just sending some like cover letter that is like completely generic. If somebody sent me a message and it just says
0:57 "Hi, I edit podcasts and this is my experience, thank you", that person immediately gets kicked out. On the other hand, if they send me a message,
1:07 "Hi Michael, I listen to your podcast, it sounds really amazing, I think I can make it sound at least that good, I've been editing like this,
1:14 I've been doing all this work," here you can see, look at this, "In episode 19 you mentioned..." like, that is really,
1:21 the guy looked at what I am doing, and he is really interested and so on, so this to me, this is very important that there is something that shows
1:30 they have actually looked at what you've done and they are excited to work with you and they know what that work means.
1:35 Finally, if you go to the bottom, you can see his work, right, it says work history and feedback, you can sort it by highest, lowest rated, whatever,
1:43 one of the things that I also look for is how much the jobs that they have been doing, specifically apply to the job that I am asking for,
1:52 so if somebody is applying to say edit video, but they are actually, most of their jobs have been like virtual assistant
1:59 or something weird like that, they are out. Like I'm looking for somebody who is a video editor,
2:05 not a personal assistant who is like hey, I bet I could pick this thing up, right,
2:08 so you can tell that really quickly, down here you can see things like podcast editing,
2:12 "he is a top guy he produces great quality", "he made my life simple" these are all really good things, right, great experience.
2:20 So, you can really see this before you even interact with the person, OK.
2:25 The other thing that point out is this guy is in the US, so he is near my time zone, he is native English speaker, that may or may not matter, right,
2:33 depending on what you are doing, it may or may not matter. So here is another guy, from Greece, and he says "I'll do the same job for 30 bucks".
2:43 And he is also top rated, extremely high success rate, lots of history on Upwork, so that really helps, again if you look at the cover letter,
2:52 he answers the questions well, "yeah, I use Audacity" but mostly just as sort of a transfer format,
2:58 this is usually what I work in, here is my experience, eight years I've worked at the Greek Broadcasting Company, doing interviews and radio dramas,
3:10 I mean, this guy has got serious professional TV and radio type of work, so you can come down here, now notice,
3:18 if you look at this, there is no personal stuff. There is no "Hey Michael, I check out your podcast, this is really great, etc etc etc"
3:26 but at least there is some comment about what I sent over, so that is pretty good. And then, if you go and look at his work history,
3:33 he is extraordinaire at what he does, we can count on him, and he doesn't disappoint, right, there is all sorts of reviews like that,
3:41 so this guys is definitely in the running as well. Right, so from then on I might start a conversation with them, you can send messages.
3:48 In the end, it's one job, one week, 30 bucks, 50 bucks, it's not a tremendous commitment,
3:56 so you can try somebody out and if it works out well then you keep working with them,
3:59 if it doesn't work out well, well- you learn something and you move on.

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