Python for Entrepreneurs Transcripts
Chapter: Getting help (contracting, design, and more)
Lecture: Inside Michael's projects at Upwork

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0:01 In the introduction to this chapter I showed you a job I posted.
0:04 Let me give you a look inside Upwork, how that went.
0:08 So here is the job, it's already closed so nobody can come apply for it,
0:13 but this was the job I posted to have somebody help edit my podcast.
0:18 I said I am willing to spend up to $75 on this, now since then,
0:23 I have spent a lot more money on that because the person I hired for this one job,
0:27 it was one podcast, actually turned out to be really good,
0:31 and I've been using them ever since.
0:34 And I actually pay a lot less than $75 per episode to get it edited.
0:38 OK, you can see about ten months ago it was posted,
0:41 apparently I have 23 good reviews, five stars,
0:44 so this is a sort of bidirectional market place;
0:47 like I said, I can verify the people that are applying for these positions,
0:51 they can verify that I am not some kind of crazy person, that I pay my bills,
0:55 I am easy to work with, all these things, it works in both directions.
0:58 So let's just scroll through and have a quick look.
1:02 So you can put in whatever you want in the start here,
1:05 I said look, I am going to record these episodes, here is information about the podcast,
1:08 I've been doing this myself, I would like to hire someone to do it,
1:12 I'll share the files with you via Dropbox, things like that.
1:16 And then I said I'd like you to do this in Audacity,
1:20 at least maybe do it in Audacity because I am recording it,
1:25 at least at the time I was recording it in Audacity
1:27 and I wanted to send them the files directly so they had to highest quality.
1:31 But it turned out I am not sure if the guy in the end uses Audacity, it doesn't really matter,
1:35 but, you get to ask specific questions, there is the section
1:39 where you can say enter a bunch of questions and these are really important to keep the back and forth down, right,
1:45 if you want them to use Audacity, make sure you put a question that says
1:47 "are you familiar with Audacity?"
1:49 If you want to know their experience with some particular thing, put it in here, right,
1:53 so you'll get a place where they have to basically fill out these questions
1:56 and that be really helpful on both ends, so you can quickly look through and go yes,
2:00 this person has skills, or the background that I need.
2:03 OK, so that is the ad. Let me show you some of the applicants.
2:08 So over here, once you actually accept the job or give the job to one of the applicants,
2:13 the rest of the people go into this archive,
2:17 so I posted a job, you can see a couple of people withdrew their applications,
2:20 that doesn't really matter, but look at this, we have 71 applicants,
2:25 and those are the people I didn't hire, and the two that withdrew
2:28 I think they withdrew when they saw that the job was closed.
2:31 So, we had 73 people, really 74 apply for this job,
2:34 that was really surprising to me how many people were willing to come work on this project,
2:39 and if you have 74 people apply for a job with lots of background information and whatnot,
2:46 there is a good chance that that is going to workout well,
2:50 and if it didn't workout well, right, suppose I hired this guy and he for some reason
2:54 didn't workout, didn't do a good job or was slow or whatever,
2:58 there is 73 other people I could come and then pick for the next round,
3:02 so one of my pieces of advice to you is start small,
3:06 in little small pieces and that lets you both build trust with each other.