Python for Entrepreneurs Transcripts
Chapter: Getting help (contracting, design, and more)
Lecture: Introduction to getting help

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0:02 Let's talk about getting help.
0:06 We are going to talk about when and where you should get help with your business.
0:10 Now, this is not me recommending you go hire a bunch of people
0:13 but just to think strategically about your time
0:16 and when it makes sense to get some help here and there;
0:19 then I'll show you some really great ways to do that.
0:22 So we're going to look at a place called Upwork,
0:25 although there are few other options, Upwork is a really good place to find
0:28 short term and even long term, but sporadic work type of consultance
0:34 for a whole variety of different things.
0:37 We're going to talk about Fiverr which is a place where you can get all sorts of stuff done,
0:41 graphics and other little tasks done for like $5, $10,
0:46 I think that's where the name comes from.
0:48 We'll talk about getting help with design, and what Fiverr and Upwork
0:52 both would apply to that, we're going to look at a place called 99designs
0:56 which is a low risk way for you to get this done.
1:00 When you think about getting help, these are the standard ways you might get help
1:03 with your business, graphics, other sorts of consulting and so on,
1:07 even household chores are in the game here, under consideration.
1:11 So think of it like this, if you spend let's say ten, twenty hours a week
1:15 doing things like cleaning up the house, mowing the lawn,
1:18 racking the leaves, all of these types of things, well,
1:22 you maybe don't have a bunch of money because
1:24 hey you are trying to start your own business, and you are just getting started,
1:28 it still may make sense to think of ways to be creative and try to juggle your time differently.
1:35 So let's suppose that you could do let's say five hours of consulting a week,
1:40 and just to put some numbers on, let's say you make a 100 dollars an hour
1:44 doing consulting for five hours a week.
1:47 If you take five hours that you would have focused on your business
1:51 and did five hours consulting but then took that money and applied it to free you up
1:55 all the other things so you don't have to mow the lawn,
1:58 you don't have to clean the house, things like that,
2:01 maybe you could get back twenty hours, right,
2:04 because obviously you don't pay people a 100 dollars an hour to mow the lawn.
2:07 So the whole idea is just be creative about how you spend your time and energy
2:14 and where it makes sense- get help.
2:17 In this chapter, I am going to show you some really concrete ways to do that.
2:21 Let me leave you with a brief story.
2:23 So on the very first day that I was 100% independent,
2:28 I was no longer employed as a full time employee, but I decided to quit,
2:32 start focusing 100% on the podcast,
2:35 and knowing that part of that time is going to be spent building classes exactly like this one.
2:40 On my first day literally, I quit, well my last day at work was February 15th,
2:47 so first thing I did, first thing in the morning when I started working
2:51 100% on my own projects was I went and I posted an ad to get help with my podcast.
2:56 I was spending two to four hours a week editing the audio
3:00 and I had been doing that for six months, nine months, something like that,
3:04 I decided I needed as much free time as I can get to focus on growing this business,
3:09 on doing more things like these online courses,
3:12 so I went and I posted an ad on Upwork, specifically I posted this ad.
3:17 You can see that was about ten months ago.
3:19 Since then, I've hired more people through Upwork,
3:21 I've done things on 99designs, I've done things on Fiverr
3:24 and so on but the message is I decided that my time was more well spent
3:29 focusing on the future and I could actually backfill this money
3:33 and make more money if I had more time.
3:36 Now that's a really careful thing you want to balance, right?
3:39 I had been doing this work for a long time, I knew exactly how much effort it was,
3:42 and I wasn't speculating I would need people to get help but I specifically knew
3:46 here is two to three hours I could get back, those two or three hours a week
3:50 will certainly pay dividends if I can rework my schedule.
3:53 So, throughout this chapter we are going to talk about
3:56 the various places you can get help,
3:59 when you should and maybe shouldn't get help.